300-pound armed man wearing kilt removed from North Carolina roof

Friday, June 16, 2017
Officers say Salisbury man wearing kilt charged after caught with multiple guns, knives, ammunition while intoxicated.

SALISBURY, North Carolina -- Police in Salisbury had to use a bucket truck to get a 300-pound man dressed in a kilt and tactical gear off a rooftop after witnesses said he threatened to shoot people.

WSOC reports officers said a citizen called police after 2 a.m. claiming that a man was at Nashville Nights, a popular bar on Innes Street threatening to shoot anyone who talked to him.

Witnesses said he got into a political argument and started growling at customers.

Police said the man, 43-year-old Brian Allen, had an SOG tactical hatchet tucked in the small of his back, numerous knives, ammunition and a pistol concealed under a shoulder holster.

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