Restaurant makes Bravo's "Worth Waiting in Line For" list

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Durham's Saltbox made Bravo's "6 Foods Across the Country (and Peru!) That Are Worth Waiting in Line For, According to Chefs" list.

Writing, "If a busy chef is willing to stand in line to eat it, it's probably pretty damn good," Bravo turned to John May, executive chef at Piedmont, for why the Saltbox is world class.

"The seafood is so fresh and the atmosphere is so cool," May told Bravo. "It's a small shack on the side of a busy road, but with the oyster shells scattered about and the great tunes playing, I always feel like I'm at a party."

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The Saltbox didn't just make Bravo's list, they are also on our own top vegan options. Read here: Real winner in Durham vegan challenge? Your taste buds.