African American owned businesses continue to grow, succeed

The Triangle continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in the country and African Americans are making a major contribution.

Black-owned businesses are growing and adding diverse businesses to our communities.

Lunchtime at Saltbox Seafood Joint means serving up fresh fish and all the fixins, and owner and chef, Ricky Moore, can be found behind the counter

"I want people to know me," he said "I'm not untouchable. I'm not sitting somewhere, I may be in the kitchen because somebody called in sick."

It's that dedication and drive that has catapulted the Saltbox to success.

Moore started with a small space on Mangum Street in 2012. Now, he has a second location, quickly becoming one of the Triangle's most successful African American business owners.

That's something he takes pride in.

"It makes it important that specific communities see people that look like them starting businesses," Moore said.

Moore is just one of the black-owned businesses in North Carolina that's helped to contribute $44 billion to our economy.

In the last three years, that number has increased by about 30 percent.

Danya Perry, with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, is focused on continuing that growth in the Triangle.

"We're a better community when we have diversity," Perry said. "We're a better community in terms of the return on our investments and ultimately, it's the right thing to do when we cultivate an inclusive culture."

Megan George is a true example of what we can become when the community is inclusive.

George features many female and African American entrepreneurs in her own business, the Zen Succulent in downtown Raleigh.

"It is an amazing thing how much of a passion people bring to supporting local businesses and supporting people that may be classified as 'other' so to speak," George said.

This is George's second location since she started in 2012. Now, like Moore, she hopes to inspire others.
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