Scuba instructor says there are many questions after death at Wake County diving park

WENDELL, N.C. (WTVD) -- An investigation is underway after a death at a scuba diving park in Wake County over the weekend.

Authorities are trying to figure out why a woman died while diving at Mystery Lake Scuba Park in Wendell.

Art Alexander, a scuba instructor for Carolina Dive Center, trains clients there.

He says Ronda Dalton's death Saturday at the park is leaving many divers with questions.

"Whenever we hear something like this we all want to be aware of something they were doing we need to know to protect ourselves from in the future," Alexander said. "Dive training emphasizes heavily don't push the limits."

He says divers who are sick, tired, dehydrated or taking medications could have issues in the water.

Scuba gear can weigh 30 pounds or more.

"Don't go diving if you're not physically up to it," Alexander said.

Decompression illness is also a risk for divers while breathing and swimming under water.

Symptoms can include difficulty breathing, chest pains, fatigue, paralysis and, in some cases, even death.

According to investigators, Ronda Dalton's boyfriend told authorities that the 49-year-old had trouble breathing while she was diving.

Once on the water's surface, she fainted.

"It is a tragic incident," Alexander said.
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