Wake County school system bans Snapchat

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Wake County school system bans Snapchat
No more Snapchat photos and videos in public schools in Raleigh.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- No more Snapchat photos and videos in public schools in Raleigh.

The Wake County Public School System banned Snapchat from the school's Wi-Fi networks on Monday.

Schools spokeswoman Lisa Luten said Tuesday that officials have concluded that Snapchat does not have instructional value.

"We make decisions to block technology if there's not an instructional use for it, or if it creates a disruption in the classroom," Luten said. "And in this case, Snapchat was creating a disruption to the learning environment."

Wake blocks other apps such as Facebook, Instagram and some websites, but not Twitter. Luten said district administrators constantly review whether to block or allow specific applications and websites.

Cumberland County and Durham County Public Schools also ban the use of Snapchat on their networks. Cumberland allows the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, while Durham bans all three citing a strict policy against the use of electronic devices.

Students in Wake County are not happy with the school district's decision.

One student at Holly Springs High School said the blocking of Snapchat makes her dread school even more.

Students have started an online petition in hopes of getting service restored. The petition notes that Snapchat increases student enjoyment and is a good way to share information.

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