Mobile auto service swaps cars for disinfecting businesses

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Triangle-based mobile-car-care company went from doing house calls, doing oil changes or car washes, to taking over commercial spaces.

Spiffy's changed its business model during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company said it had to get creative because people aren't driving as much and car-care needs are extremely low.

"We're kind of squarely in this auto-care segment, so I never thought we would be doing facilities, but it turns out it's a lot of the same skill set and then the same chemicals," said Spiffy's CEO Scot Wingo.

Teams are using hospital-grade chemicals to decontaminate facilities and businesses that are getting ready to reopen.

The company recently did some work at Cisco in RTP.

"When we come in and disinfect the facility, it's a baseline," said Spiffy's President Karl Murphy. "It's been cleaned and now we can start from ground zero."

Spiffy's said it is happy to offer employers a virus-free work environment and employees the confidence to come out of quarantine back to work.

"They want to prepare the facility and be able to say to the folks, 'look, we've had every surface treated with antivirals, this is hospital-grade stuff, this isn't just like a Clorox wipe that we kind of just ran over something," Wingo said.

If you're getting ready to reopen, this could be an option to get your space completely clean.

Spiffy's is offering a 20 percent discount to small-business owners, who have already lost so much.
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