Mack Brown talks tackling 'new normal' with UNC football amid COVID-19 crisis

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- "We're all having to find the new normal and start over and there'll be some things out of this that we've learned."

Mack Brown has seen everything as a coach but just like everyone else he's feeling his way through the dark during this pandemic

"Great leaders turn crises into positives. And that's never been more true than now so we've told our staff that you've got to reach out to your players in your room."


The Tar Heel strength staff is coordinating remote voluntary workouts with players scattered all over the place, but maintaining muscle is not even close to UNC's primary concern.

"We're also having counselors available to reach out for depression and anxiety because this is tough stuff. And there's some hungry people out there. There's people without jobs and some of our parents of our players have lost their jobs. And it's often hard for the families to feed their kids. And that's very difficult time."

To that end, UNC made sure all the players got their scholarship checks immediately.

"And the response that I've gotten from so many of the coaches is the kids are doing great. They've been positive, they're stepping up."

No one knows anything for sure at this point but there are already concerns in the coaching community about the 2020 season

"There is a fear of fall and there is a fear of, would we have a season, would we have a partial season, there's a great concern because of the the revenue that comes in with football. If we don't have a fall or a full fall, what does that do to our athletic departments?"

Still - that's of minor consequence right now when far more important things are at stake.

"Really and truly this is so much bigger than that for all of us because we got people that can't eat, people that are really sick and in a fight for their life."
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