Orangetheory hosts first region-wide virtual 5K amid COVID-19

Orangetheory Coach Kristine Hernandez is having to adjust the way she interacts with her clients due to COVID-19.

"It has been really sad, I cried the first two weeks honestly I really missed my, my members and coworkers and everyone," she said. "Now, we are hosting classes on Zoom, on Facebook, on Instagram and just stay really active and engaging with our members and non-members.

Orangetheory posted tips online throughout the week leading up to its first region-wide free virtual 5k on Saturday as a way to stay engaged with members and non-members.

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"For our studio I know I can say that we're really at a really close, and we definitely are interacting all day on social media," Hernandez said. "It's just a way to kind of keep yourself accountable thing to get people outside or moving or anything for a cause. I'm extremely supportive of and would really like to be one of those people that can lead the way."

"I am a runner and missing out on all the races because of all of this coronavirus has been kind of sad," said Allison Vrhovac. "Any chance to run any type of race, and because it's also for charity and has to do with Orangetheory which I love, was like a win win for me."


Orangetheory teamed up with Charity Miles and Feeding America. Every mile recorded translates into money for Feeding America.

"It just inspires me to do it even more and to talk about, you know," Vrhovac said. "I hope that this will inspire somebody else to get out there and do it and that money just go to charity."

"I don't want to look back and think of all the fear and the worry and all the things we couldn't do," Hernandez said. "Think about all the things we could do."

The virtual 5k allows members and nonmembers to walk, run or bike the 3.1 miles at their own pace without the fear of finishing last.

"I think that what's great about this virtual 5K is that there isn't a winner based on speed or, you know, who finishes first," Hernandez said. "It's just every mile counts, every mile that any person completes is going towards a great cause. So, I think that gives people a little bit bigger reason to get out of bed on Saturday."

"I talk a lot about like just getting out every day, even if it's just for a walk, just to help you know your mental state," said Vrhovac. "I just feel like this gives some gives me something to look forward to."
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