Zion Williamson adds gender reveal specialist to his accomplishments

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Nolan Elingburg is one of the video guys behind the scenes for Duke basketball.

His job this year was to help document the jaw-dropping exploits of Zion Williamson and the rest of the Blue Devils. With Zion, that was a full-time job to be sure.

While Williamson recently made it official that he's off to the NBA Draft this summer, he's still having fun kicking around Duke and being a college kid for these last few days and weeks.

Part of that fun? Helping out his buddy Nolan with some baby business. Specifically, with a gender reveal for the Ellngburg's new baby.

You can probably guess how Zion chose to handle this job -- that's right -- with yet another dunk. I'm not telling the Ellingburgs what to name their new child, but Zion would work.

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