State Park officials urge people to be prepared before swimming, boating

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Be prepared before swimming and boating, state park officials say
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A day of fun can turn tragic in a moment's notice.

A day of fun can turn tragic in a moment's notice.

"It happens consistently throughout the summer months," said Jay Greenwood, NC State parks district superintendent.

Over the weekend, a 21-year-old man from Durham never resurfaced after his canoe capsized in Jordan Lake. It was the second drowning in the Triangle in a week.

"I'm afraid that due to COVID and so many people wanting to get outdoors and spend more time outside, that this is more of a danger this year than it has been in many years," said Greenwood.

19-year-old who drowned at Falls Lake on Easter Sunday identified

He says there are dangers underneath the water.

"There's a lot of stump holes. There's drop offs, things like that so even if you're just going in for a dip, if it's ankle deep one minute, it could be 10 feet the next minute," he said.

That's why being prepared with a life jacket is a foolproof plan whether you're swimming or boating.

"Even if you get out in knee deep water and it drops off real quick, if you're wearing a life jacket it will save your life."

Greenwood says those designated swimming areas are regularly checked for drop offs or any hazards you could come across while swimming.