Wedding photo mystery: Family seeks owners of pictures washed up in Superstorm Sandy

NEW YORK -- After Superstorm Sandy, dozens of old black and white wedding photos washed up on Dominick and Patricia Guinta's driveway in Staten Island. Neighbors rescued the photos, dried them out and pressed them, thinking they belonged to the Guintas. Last week, Dominick and Patricia finally had time to look at the album, and that is when they realized that the photos weren't theirs.

These wedding photos are in amazing condition - they chronicle every special moment of a couple's magical day, but who are they?

The Guintas are now on a quest to return the priceless mementos. One photo possibly suggests Brooklyn, and another photo has features of the church where the wedding took place.

Dominick and Patricia's home was completely destroyed when Sandy dumped 11 feet of water into their house. Dominick spent the next two years rebuilding. Last weekend the finally had time to start organizing their photos, and that's when they discovered they had a mystery on their hands.

(Recognize anyone in the photos? Let us know!)

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