Foreign national with expired visa tried to enter Ft. Bragg, caused closure of All-American Freeway

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) -- A man acted suspiciously while trying to get into Fort Bragg without any acceptable form of identification Tuesday afternoon, according to a Fort Bragg official.

The man's behavior caused Fort Bragg to shut down the All-American Freeway.

Fort Bragg officials said the man arrived at the gate around 10:30 a.m. At first he did not want to present any form of identification, but eventually, he presented a valid Jordanian passport and multiple expired forms of identification.

When military dogs indicated there may be an explosive substance in the man's vehicle, security evacuated and closed down the gate.

"We evacuated the area, closed down the gate just for safety and security to make sure that if something bad were to happen, no one would get injured," Col. Larry Dewey, 16th MP Brigade Commander, said. "We had a great response from the community as well."

The man did not rush the gate, and he was not combative with security personnel.

Dewey said investigators are still questioning the man.

He also said they have not yet found anything dangerous in his car.

Dewey said the investigation remains open and active.

Homeland Security and ICE officials were also at the base.

The All-American gate has since reopened.
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