UNCC shooting victim from Apex writes about recovery on social media

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- A college student from Apex is using social media to help him get through his darkest days.

Drew Pescaro survived a shooting at UNC-Charlotte at the end of April.

On Tuesday, he wrote about his recovery -- and his fears -- weeks after the shooting.

Pescaro, 19, shared words on Twitter in a four-part letter -- words that call for change; words that will help him heal.

He wanted to share what he is truly feeling.

He wrote in part, "being strong and inspirational means speaking up when others can't or won't."

Pescaro started writing because of what happened April 30, when a gunman walked into a campus building at UNCC and started shooting.

Pescaro became a target, as did six other classmates.

Two did not survive.

"I am sick and tired of all of the violence in this country," Pescaro wrote.

He said seeing all of the mass shootings on the news is too relatable to him.

"There is no 'going back to normal.' It's simply not a possibility anymore," he wrote.

He went on to say that "it feels like we aren't doing a thing about it ... we have a much larger problem on our hands that can't be solved without effort."

Pescaro also called on residents and state and national leaders to cooperate to find solutions.

"This problem has gone on for far too long," he wrote.

Pescaro finished his open letter by saying that he's physically almost back to normal.

He said he's seeing a therapist, and this letter was a way to help his mental health.

Pescaro told ABC11 earlier this month that he plans to return to UNCC in the fall.
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