Raleigh business temporarily closes doors after positive COVID test

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Delta variant surge forces some local restaurants to shut down again
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The latest surge of the Delta variant is forcing some local restaurants to shut their doors once again.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- With the delta variant cases continuing to rise, restaurants are working hard to stay open but several of them have had to close their doors because of COVID cases.

"We had our first positive COVID case," that's what owner Andrew Ullom said happened which led to his bakery Union Special closing on Monday.

He informed his customers on Facebook.

"It was an easy and easy fast decision and I was not happy about it and to say that I wasn't happy because, you know, there's always loss involved," Ullom said.

Ullom knew they had to move fast

"As soon as we knew about it, we made sure to close the restaurant and get the staff tested," Ullom said.

Several businesses across the Triangle are experiencing this.

The Fiction Kitchen opened Wednesday for the first time in days after an outbreak.

Big Ed's in downtown Raleigh was also closed over the weekend

"We all agreed at the leadership level it was the thing we had to do in order to make sure we could sleep well at night, it was the conscious decision," said kitchen manager Sammy Hobgood.

The restaurant already closed two other days in the month for maintenance so closing again for COVID reasons brought on some fear

"Seeing the trends now reminds everyone a lot of January, February, last December but probably remind folks even more of last spring," said Sammy.

But what's the best way to battle fear?

"You pretty much have to put all of your energy into hope," said Sammy.

Hope and Andrew says going forward extra precautions

"Going forward we are back to the entirety of the staff being tested every week," said Andrew.

Both restaurants are back open and say those employees who tested positive are being treated properly and will be okay.