New Jersey girl offers bribe to mom to not eat broccoli

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Thursday, August 11, 2016
VIDEO: NJ girl offers broccoli bribe to mom
Nine-year-old Kylie Cole from Hamilton township, Mercer county does not like broccoli.

HAMILTON, N.J. -- Kids and vegetables been getting along about as well as oil and water or cats and dogs since the beginning of time.

And it's no surprise that 9-year-old Kylie Cole from Hamilton Township, N.J. does not like broccoli.

She dislikes the green vegetables so much so that she left her mom a note with this deal: I will give you 50 bucks if you don't let me eat the broccoli. Please.

And affectionately added: P.S. - I will give you a hug and a kiss.

Kylie's mom, Deborah, tells Action News in Philadelphia that the 4th grader leaves notes all the time.

She describes her as a "piece of work" who is really picky about vegetables.

So how did mom respond? Well, Kylie did not have to eat the broccoli. Also, mom did take the money and put it in her daughter's bank account so she couldn't "bribe anyone else."

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