NCDOT hit with hundreds of requests to fix potholes in Wake County

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Potholes pop up across the Triangle
After the wintry weather, potholes popped up across the Triangle.

WAKE COUNTY, NC (WTVD) -- NCDOT tells ABC11 they have about 500 requests for pot hole repairs in Wake County alone after several bouts of winter weather hit the Triangle this season.

Capital Boulevard, near downtown Raleigh, is peppered with potholes.

Over in Cary, Morrisville Parkway was spotted with them between Hwy 55 and Davis Drive.

If you have potholes in your neighborhood that look like these you can report them to the NCDOT here.

They tell ABC11 this is a common occurrence after any freeze-thaw period as water slips into cracks in the road, expands when it freezes and pops out asphalt.

The more freezing and thawing, the bigger the potholes get.

So how do they determine which ones to patch up first?

Wake County maintenance engineer Jason Dunigan said they take their list of requests and try to divide and conquer.

"Everybody I have, I have 45 people here in this office . . . and everybody's patching," Dunigan said.