Superheroes surprise young patients at WakeMed Children's Hospital

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A simple moment made the past 24 hours just a little easier for young patients at WakeMed Children's Hospital.

I didn't know what was up on the roof," 5-year-old Kyler Spears said.

Kyler had to have her gallbladder removed Thursday and has been at WakeMed Children's Hospital ever since.

"It was a bad day for us yesterday. Now it's a much better day. Much better," said Brandon Spears, Kyler's father.

Kyler and the other patients saw Batman, Spider-Man and Superman stop by the WakeMed Children's Hospital and she was surprised -- in more ways than one

"Superheroes do not have golden teeth," Kyler said.

But in this case, they did. For about five years, Scottie's Building Services has partnered with the children's hospital, dressing their professional window washers up as superheroes and propelling down for photo-ops and a smile.

"Kids are resilient and their joy is really infectious so anything we can do to bring smiles back to their faces. It's just really rewarding," said Dr. Karen Chilton of WakeMed Children's Hospital.

The young patients were surrounded by medical equipment, IV bags and wheelchairs, but for a couple of minutes that didn't matter. All that mattered was a high-five from your favorite superhero.
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