Rehab hospital brings daughter's wedding to her father in emotional ceremony

ByBob Slovak Localish logo
Monday, November 13, 2023
Hospital brings daughter's wedding to father who is unable to walk
Back surgery had Jorge Palza on the verge of missing his daughter's wedding until his therapist had an awesome idea.

KATY, Texas -- A father-daughter's bond is special. Her wedding day is a special moment, an emotional moment. Tatiana Palza had it all planned out. Guests from Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua and other areas of the world were all invited to the Lone Star state.

Everything was going according to plan until Tatiana's father, 80 year old Jorge injured his back, requiring surgery. He was expected to only be in the hospital a few days. Tatiana says, "we thought that it was going to be close to the wedding but it was only three days so we said let's do it".

Jorge would require more procedures and a second surgery leaving him unable to walk. Jorge would be in the hospital three more weeks. Still he thought he would be ready for the wedding, "everyone had already bought tickets from Bolivia, Nicaragua and Peru it wouldn't be nice to tell them not to come."

More rehab for Jorge would follow, but he wasn't going to be able to walk his daughter down the aisle. Tatiana was devastated but she reached out to her father's therapist Kendra Smart. Tatiana ask if a ceremony could be set up with a Priest in her father's room. Kendra had a much better idea. She set up a special ceremony in the hospital's garden. All the Palza's guest were welcome.

Kendra and Memorial Hermann going all out, "we thought it was going to be special, we knew it was going to be special but I didn't realize how exciting and how meaningful it would be for Jorge."

Jorge adds, "I never expected this to be such a big deal, it's unexpected sent from God I guess."

Tatiana's heart touched by the special gesture, "they made this very meaningful to my Dad and me, it showed me that they care. We are forever grateful for that."

Jorge, who is doing much better now is still smiling, "life is full of surprises, but this one is unbelievable."