Power grid attack impacting Moore County's low-income communities

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Residents step up to help in Moore County
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As Moore County continues to struggle with the effects of a prolonged power outage, some resources are in place to help residents manage.

MOORE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- In the Jackson Terrace Community in Carthage, it's been downright brutal for the people who live in this low-income neighborhood because of the power outage in Moore County. Most of the neighbors are seniors like Marilyn Baker. "This has been the worst," Baker described.

She's been trying to make do without electricity. "At night I just put a whole bunch of covers on you know, sleeping in my clothes you know to keep from being cold," Baker continued.

Baker who lives on a fixed income said she feels her community has been forgotten.

"I was kind of expecting somebody to come up here you know with a plate of food a cup of coffee or some you know because you know we're old."

But some relief did come Monday night.

O'Linda Watkins with the NAACP and Jil Christensen with One Relief spent the evening delivering food and flashlights to the neighbors in Jackson Terrace, including Arminta Wobble. She lives across the street from Baker.

"This blesses me a lot. I don't have no way of cooking or anything," Wobble shared

She said the last few days have been rough. "We need generators in these apartments. I'm in my 60s. They are in their 80s. It's sad. It's a sad situation we are in."

A situation that advocates like Watkins and Christensen said will have long-term impacts on lower-income communities

"Even after this, they don't have funds to go and replace the food that they have lost. And so these were people, the people that we're trying to assist to make sure that they may get a food voucher for food, and gas. In other words to replenish what they have lost. They are definitely hurting," explained Watkins.

She said they are working with a local church to help get people generators that may need.