White Manna Hamburgers has one of the best burgers in the country

HACKENSACK, New Jersey -- Since 1946, White Manna Hamburgers, a local institution in Hackensack, New Jersey, has popularized itself for their one-of-a-kind burger sliders.

Using fresh and extra lean ground beef, cooked with onions and cheese, and served on a Martin's Potato Roll, White Manna's sliders have been crowned as the second-best burgers in the nation, according to a list published by The Daily Meal.

"Nobody really makes burgers as we do. If you compare us to fast food, it's totally different. Even if you compare us to gourmet hamburgers, they can't compete with us," said Ronny Cohen, owner of White Manna Hamburgers.

Since gaining national attention, White Manna has attracted visitors from all over the world and celebrities like Anthony Bourdain and supermodel Bella Hadid.

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Due to the pandemic, the team at White Manna has had to adjust their small diner to continue serving their loyal customers.

Customers can now order in person, through a window, or submit their orders online on their website.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Cohen hopes to continue serving his iconic burgers while adjusting to any of the obstacles that might arise.

"The burgers are delicious and besides that, you have the place which is art deco with a story and history, so people love it," said Cohen.


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