Bodybuilding couple gearing up for Raleigh competition

Nichole Gunderson and her husband Tony Butler are getting ready to compete in the North Carolina State IFBB Champions of Power and Grace competition at the Raleigh Convention Center May 4-6.

Gunderson decided she wanted to get into fitness competitions just last year.

In her first competition, The Cutler Classic in Richmond, Va., she finished in second out of 15 women.

Gunderson's interest in the sport encouraged her husband to get back into competing.

After taking three years off her husband, Tony Butler, joined her in the Cutler Classic and finished in third in his respective category.

Bodybuilding has become their hobby, from grocery shopping to working out they're a team and hold each other accountable.

The two hope to continue competing together for many years to come, with the idea of going pro not out of the question.
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