ABC Network's 'Shark Tank' makes history with all new 'Shark-O-Ween' episode

For the first time ever, 'Shark Tank' will celebrate Halloween in a new episode with horror expert Jason Blum.

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Thursday, October 26, 2023
'Shark Tank' makes history with all new 'Shark-O-Ween' episode
ABC Network's 'Shark Tank' will celebrate its first ever Shark-O-Ween with horror expert Jason Blum, CEO of Blumhouse Productions.

LOS ANGELES -- The tank is heading in a spooky direction this week.

For the first time ever in the show's 15-season history, "Shark Tank" is celebrating Shark-O-Ween with Halloween-focused pitches in an all-new episode.

On The Red Carpet talked to renowned shark, Barbara Corcoran, about the reimagined set. "My first impression was they went all out, and I think it's so good because everyone had a blast doing it," she explained.

Along with fun costumes (Get ready for Count Wonderful!), a set revamp and themed pitches, the tank also brought in new blood with guest shark, Jason Blum. Blum is the CEO and founder of Blumhouse Productions, known for its acclaimed collection of horror productions.

"It's a very very busy month, and it's a spectacular experience to be on Shark-O-Ween," he said.

To see if the sharks made any spine-tingling deals, tune into "Shark Tank" Fridays at 8p|7c on ABC Network.

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