Drinking Candle and Air Pressure

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Drinking Candle and Air Pressure
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BASF Science Club watches a candle pull water into a glass in this quick experiment. You'll need water, a plate, food coloring, a candle, a lighter, and a clear glass.

Although you cannot usually see it, air takes up space! When it is heated, it expands and takes up more space than when it is cool - think of a hot air balloon!

In this experiment, we will be seeing atmospheric pressure changes in front of our eyes as we increase the air pressure inside the glass and then watch what happens when the air cools. The air inside and outside the glass wants to be the same and so some interesting things will happen as it levels out - make sure to keep a close watch at the water!

For instructions, use this printable PDF instructions to do the experiment!

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