An 11-year-old Durham boy donates his birthday gifts to Durham Rescue Mission

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Thursday, December 15, 2016
Durham boy donates his birthday gifts to Durham Rescue Mission
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Brenden Farr, 11, helped remind us all of the spirit of the season.

DURHAM, North Carolina (WTVD) -- The message behind the Christmas holiday season is ringing true for one 11-year-old Durham boy.

On Wednesday, Brenden Farr and his grandfather, David Baber, paid a visit to the Durham Rescue Mission with a donation - a somewhat nontraditional donation.

"It's not very common for a kid to give up his presents," said chief operating officer Rob Tart. "It's pretty unusual."

Farr and Baber recently celebrated their birthdays and decided it would be charitable to donate their presents to someone in need. Baber says the idea was sparked by his children.

With the help of his children, Baber and Brenden received an assortment of gifts that many, if not all of which, will be enjoyed by another child when the rescue mission donates the items on December 23.

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What really struck Baber was how Brenden took to the idea and became so involved. Brenden said he originally wanted to give the presents to orphans that could not afford their own toys, but then decided the rescue mission would be a good recipient of the items.

"I thought that was very cool to think of others and so I'm real proud of (Brenden)," Baber said. "He did good."

The fifth-grader at Easley Elementary School has his heart in the right place, and thinks his friends at school will enjoy his charitable efforts.

"They would just probably be impressed I'm doing this," Brenden said. "Because I did tell them that I was going to get presents that weren't for me on my birthday. And they were not believing me. So this will probably make them believe me."

Tart received a call from Debbie Baber, Brenden's grandmother, alerting him of the preteen's unselfish efforts to participate in a memorable experience.

"Most times people just drops things off and it's not always personal," Tart said. "And (Debbie) was hoping it would have a personal experience for him."

The rescue mission will host a Christmas Community Event on December 23 and expects to distribute more than 10,000 toys to at least 2,000 children. Tart says there is a need for gifts for "older kids." Gifts such as sports balls, board games, and other items an older child may enjoy.

It will be a festive time," said Tart. "Almost like a mini state fair."

Brenden hopes everyone participating will take away one important note.

"I just hope that everyone ... realizes that really Christmas is just about celebrating Jesus' birth and that everybody should be happy on that day," he said.

However, at the end of the day, Brenden is still an 11-year-old who enjoys Christmas and has his list ready.

"I am really wanting any video-game console," he said. "But I also just hope that people have somebody to celebrate it with."

If you would like to donate, you can visit the Durham Rescue Mission here for more information.

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