Thank you, healthcare heroes: ABC11, Papa John's deliver lunch to UNC Hospital staff

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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To show appreciation for healthcare workers, ABC11 and Papa John's of Chapel Hill delivered lunch to the staff working inside UNC Hospital.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Thank you just doesn't seem enough to our health care heroes who continue to work around the clock fighting the COVID pandemic.

"It feels like we are isolated. We're still in the hospital, we're still seeing COVID patients but the rest of the world is moving on," said an RN at UNC Hospital at Chapel Hill.

As part of ABC11 Together, we are showing our health care heroes just how much we appreciate them.

Thanks to our community partners, including Papa John's in Chapel Hill, ABC11 delivered lunch to the staff working inside UNC Hospital.

"We've had a lot of team members that were affected by COVID and it's had such an impact on us. We've had quite a few team members that have come to this exact hospital so being able to give back to the heroes that stuck it out," said Shaane Morton with Papa John's.

"The donations have trailed off but the work hasn't and our teammates have just done an unbelievable job of continuing to fight the good fight and we're so appreciative of this," said President of UNC Hospitals Janet Hadar.

Besides food, the healthcare workers were also treated to sweet notes of thanks, which included handwritten cards from the Expedition School in Hillsborough. All 1st and 2nd grades participated and the 3rd grade class of Ms. Alton also wrote notes.

"It does help because there are days like today, today is busy and this little boost that we will give to our staff, it's going to be great to them," said Mikey Jernigan, a clinical nurse with UNC.

UNC Hospitals shared a picture of the staff in the MICU enjoying their lunch.

If you're wondering how you can help these healthcare heroes, they all say to stay safe.

"Get vaccinated, stay safe, the less patients we have in, the less burden we can take on," said Adrienne Parlante with UNC.