Grandmother allegedly abducts 12-year-old from hospital at gunpoint; Girl found safe

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Sunday, February 16, 2020
Police said 66-year-old Evelyn Miller is accused of abducting her granddaughter at gunpoint from a New Orleans hospital.
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

NEW ORLEANS -- A 12-year-old girl was found safe after her grandmother allegedly abducted her from a Louisiana hospital at gunpoint.

Police said 66-year-old Evelyn Miller was found Saturday at a hotel in Bogalusa with her granddaughter, who was reportedly unharmed.

Miller faces kidnapping and assault charges for allegedly removing the 12-year-old from her room at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans on Valentine's Day.

Police said she's accused of pointing a gun at hospital staff members who tried to intervene, and during the kidnapping, she allegedly pushed a nurse to the ground and struck a security guard with her car. No one was hurt.

Miller fled with her granddaughter from Ochsner Hospital in a 2019 Toyota Sienna, which was recovered a short time later.

They were found nearly 24 hours later in the hotel about 70 miles north of New Orleans.

It is currently unclear what Miller's motivations were in taking her granddaughter.