'Trying to get young voters informed': Abortion rights advocates hold demonstration in Clayton

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Monday, July 11, 2022
Abortion rights Advocates hold demonstration in Clayton
Demonstrators in Clayton want more abortion rights advocates in office at all levels of government, and are encouraging eligible young people and future voters o register to vote.

CLAYTON, N.C. (WTVD) -- They raised their voices an signs as they marched along Clayton streets.

Demonstrators on Sunday, like others seen since the fall of Roe v. Wade, want more abortion rights advocates in office at all levels of government.

"So even though we have a Democratic governor, he can't really do much unless we elect the right people to back behind him. So, trying to get young voters informed on members of Congress, members who are running for Senate and things like that who will support these pro-choice bills., that are going to enact them into law," Kendall London said.

State Senator Wiley Nickel fired up the crowd before their mark while asking them to support his run for congress.

There were other experienced voters among the younger faces as they called for action at the polls. Some were holding signs that were trying to send a message, not just to the young people eligible to vote, but to those who will be in years to come.

"So we want to try and get people who are 16, 17 who are gonna be eligible to vote, to start getting them out here and say. These are candidates who support this, these are candidates who support that. They can become informed so by the time they turn 18 they can know what's right for them and they can know which candidates are right for them," London said.

They're inspired by president Biden's Friday signing of an executive order to preserve abortion access, and are ready to repeat their message after Sunday's demonstration, urging those who have registered to setup and cast their ballots.

"Some of the representatives of JoCo Democrats have already reached out to us, and we are definitely planning to be at some of their poll sites. Especially in a town as small as this one. We're also going to be reaching out to some of our local youth Democrats through letters, reaching them with some youth slang," Emma Pawlak said.

Organizers hope it can fire up enough voters to make a difference in tight races of the future.