Supply chain issues may affect A/C repairs this summer

Tamara Scott Image
Thursday, May 19, 2022
Supply chain issues could have local homeowners feeling the heat if AC breaks
Air condition companies say the time is now to make sure your unit is working properly.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Supply chain issues may affect homeowners who turn up the A/C this summer

Jon Jordan with Comfort Monster Heating and Air says the key is sooner rather than later when it comes to checking on your air conditioning unit.

Thursday is only the first day of many hot days, and you want to make sure your unit is running properly.

Jordan said the business is already experiencing backups and supply issues just like so many other industries.

"It can range. You could have a compressor, which is a major component, it might take several weeks to get in. They're also several thousand dollars, so maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, take care of your stuff, and generally, you're gonna spend less on your repairs. And it's gonna be more efficient and everything's gonna work better for you," said Jordan.

The units in its warehouse already have homes, so in the case of an emergency repair or replacement, you may be waiting a while. That means worst-case scenario, you're living without A/C.

Jordan suggested calling for a tune-up to make sure your unit is working properly.

"We work really, really hard to come up with solutions and solve those problems as quickly as we can, but we are at the mercy of the supply chain and sometimes there's problems that we can't find solutions to that it makes any sense in the short-term. So again being proactive, checking things out, making sure it's running optimally early makes a huge difference to that reliability over the course of the whole summer," said Jordan.

The system works the hardest in the afternoon. Jordan suggests letting it cool down all day instead of cranking it on once you get home from work.