11 arrested in brawl near Confederate statue in Pittsboro

PITTSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- Nearly a dozen people are facing charges after a brawl in Pittsboro during a Confederate Statue protest on Saturday.

The statue is slated to be removed after a judge determined earlier this month that the United Daughters of the Confederacy did not provide sufficient evidence to support why the statue should stay.

ABC11 newsgathering partners at the News and Observer says the fight erupted at the statue when protesters against the statue's removal complained about counter-protesters standing near a protester's vehicle.

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Chatham County Sheriff's Office

Maya Little, a UNC grad student, who had been previously found guilty of defacing Silent Sam with her blood, was among the 11 charged. She now faces three charges in relation to the Pittsboro brawl -- simple affray, inciting a riot and felony malicious conduct by a prisoner.

Lindsay Ayling, 32, of Chapel Hill was arrested and charged with simple assault. She was previously outspoken about Silent Sam's presence on Chapel Hill's campus.

Calvin James Megginson, 29, was arrested twice in connection with the brawl. He was arrested for simple assault and released and then arrested a second time for assault on a female and resisting a public officer. Meggison had previously been arrested during a similar altercation on Oct. 26.

Chatham County deputies also arrested the following:
  • Allan Wayne Hall, 52, of Pittsboro was charged with inciting a riot and simple affray following an altercation during the protest
  • Russell Alphin, 64, of La Grange, was charged with simple affray
  • Jonathan Canfield, 22, of Raleigh was charged with simple assault
  • Thalia Considnie, 30, of Durham was charged with simple affray
  • Christina Gibson, 45, of Keeling, Virginia, was charged with simple assault
  • Geraldine Hall, 50, of Denton was charged with simple affray
  • Esther Mack, 27, of Chapel Hill was charged with simple affray

  • "The safety of the public remains our number one concern," said Captain Chris Cooper. "We encourage all members of the public to treat each other with respect and refrain from aggressive conduct toward one another."
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