Raleigh restaurant says social post about vaccine cards was about safety, not politics

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Raleigh restaurant owner defends social post about vaccine cards
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"It's personal because I have witnessed people who have gotten sick. I've seen whole families get wiped out."

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A Raleigh restaurant's social media post asking customers who aren't wearing masks and claiming to be fully vaccinated to show their COVID-19 vaccine card is getting some backlash.

Alpha Dawgs in Raleigh posted: "To whom it may concern if decide to come into my establishment claiming that you are fully vaccinated I WILL ASK TO SEE YOUR CARD. If you don't want to show then you will have to wear a mask in my store. And if you still don't want to comply with either then I have the right to deny service. Thank you for your cooperation."

The restaurant is still requiring masks, despite Governor Roy Cooper lifting most of the mask mandate. Businesses can still require masks.

The CDC continues to recommend that those who are not fully vaccinated continue to wear masks indoors.

The Raleigh Republican Club shared the post and added: "Should you be in the area.... eat somewhere else..."

Hisine McNeill, the owner of Alpha Dawgs, said this isn't political. He said it's about protecting his employees and customers.

"It's personal because I have witnessed people who have gotten sick," McNeill said, getting emotional. "I've seen whole families get wiped out. So I don't need any other proof, or any other person to tell me what I've seen up close. So because of that, I have to do what's personal, and I have to protect everybody that comes in. That's it."

The Raleigh Republican Club declined an on-camera interview but board member Guy Smith said they support the owner's request to wear masks but feel asking for a vaccine card is out of bounds.

McNeill said customers have been cooperative and he doesn't feel it would get to the point where they'd need to ask for a vaccine card.

"They've pretty much respected the decision that's been made," McNeill said. "Again, they don't have to show the card. You don't have to. Again, you just have to keep your mask on. That's it."

Customers do not need to wear a mask while eating.