Apex celebrates 150 years despite rainy, windy weather: 'Peak of Good Living'

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Monday, September 25, 2023
Town of Apex celebrates 150 years despite pouring rain
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Persistent, steady rain and wind drove Apex's Party in the Peak indoors on Saturday.

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- Persistent, steady rain and wind drove Apex's Party in the Peak indoors on Saturday.

The town's celebration of 150 years in Wake County filled the John M. Brown Community Center and the Apex Senior Center with families, history buffs, and others who smiled as they explored tables filled with artifacts while kids played nearby.

"Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade a little bit," said Town Councilman Arno Zegerman. "But thanks to our wonderful staff, they made it happen in a hurry. They brought the whole event indoors. And I'm glad to see so many people showing up despite all the rain. And that's one of the things that we're really trying to put a focus, an intentional focus on. Just highlighting the diversity of our community."

Apex Police Chief Jason Armstrong smiled while reading his name displayed on a large colorful panel documenting the role of African Americans in the development of Apex.

"It feels good. You know, we're here celebrating 150 years of the town's existence," said Chief Armstrong. "And to see that...you are part of some of the history of that town...it kind of puts things in perspective for you to understand... just the journey that the town has been on for being around for 150 years.

"And just two years ago, seeing the first Black police chief is something to be proud of. Not just for me, but for the town also. We're really trying to put a focus, an intentional focus, on just highlighting the diversity of our community and all of the pieces that make up the great community that we have now here in Apex. So it's good for people to be able to come see all of it on display right here. One location, one place, everybody represented."

Rozanna Lindorfer's Indigenous heritage is also lifted up in the display panels.

"Oh, absolutely. Fabulous," she said. "You know, I know I'm standing on the wings of our ancestors who can never wear their regalia, who can never tell them, tell anybody that there are Native Americans because the government didn't want us to be alive. When they wiped out most of the men of the Tuscarora tribe, the women became the warriors. That is why I'm wearing the war bonnet because our family could not in their time, and the war still goes on because they still don't recognize us as they should. So I do this because they could not they couldn't wear their turquoise, they couldn't wear Indian regalia, or they would have been killed."

The rain sent nearly everything related to the day inside except food trucks. Some people still made sure they got some business, despite the weather's effect on outdoor activities.

"These people take, reserve a whole day to be here. And I hope that people get out there and enjoy some of the food that they're offering," said Zegerman. "There's a special 150 menus today, so go check it out."

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