Boomtowns: Apex expects 'phenomenal' growth by end of decade

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Thursday, June 1, 2023
Boomtown: Apex expects explosive growth by end of decade
"The growth is just phenomenal here. It just continues to grow and doesn't slow down."

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- Taking a look at downtown Apex, Gail Fleszar can point out all the things that have changed.

"The road systems have changed, the traffic has changed, the number of stores have changed," Fleszar said.

The 150-year-old town is home to more than 75,000 people as of February and is growing, according to Apex Economic Development that estimates more than 120,000 people to live in Apex by 2030.

"The growth is just phenomenal here," Fleszar's husband said. "It just continues to grow and doesn't slow down. They just need to improve the roads quicker, that's all."

For one new business, the booming population is welcomed.

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"We hit the ground running," Hunter Stingl said after two months of opening Fernweh Salon across Town Hall. "We have a full staff who are amazing stylists and they've had full books, and they've had clientele just waiting and waiting and waiting. That's all you can ever want starting a business is right off the bat, be busy."

If traffic is a problem, there's always walking. It's one highlight of Apex that families like the Stingls and the Fleszars praised.

"Apex is very walkable," Jennifer Stingl said. "So we're so happy to be able to accommodate people that don't have to get in their car and don't have to drive."

Fleszar's husband echoed Stingl and said the sidewalks and trails are the best part.

"They just really keep up with that and make it very nice and it's safe too, which I really like," he said.

The town has a "Vision Zero Action Plan," in an effort to keep people safe on the roads and have zero fatalities on their roadways by 2035.