Gift card problems


Laura Stephenson bought her brother in-law a Best buy gift card for Christmas, before even being able to give the gift she lost it. Laura tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I contacted Best Buy and asked their procedures and they said they would cancel the card and send out a replacement." Since she had the id numbers for the card, around Christmas time she says a best buy rep told a new card would be mailed out. Laura adds, "In December and January they said there might be a delay because of the holiday shipping and Christmas rush, but lately they haven't given me a reason. By February, Laura still didn't have the card. She didn't know why because she says she was told on five different occasions she'd have it. Laura says, "Each time I call they say it's on the desk who can approve and it will be sent out the next day and I don't receive it. It's been extremely frustrating because it's a gift, a gift for my brother and law and he still doesn't have his Christmas gift."

Laura e-mailed Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, and she got in touch with Best Buy. Laura says, "You contacted them and immediately said saw request and sent out a $50.00 gift card for my troubles and then would follow through with original request." Laura got the $50.00 dollar card for her troubles and the original gift card she's been promised. She says she's happy it's resolved.

A Best Buy rep did say the processing time for replacements was prolonged due to the holidays. He also added he appreciates that Laura chose Best Buy for her gift in the first place.

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