UNC student files false report of attack

CHAPEL HILL UNC Senior Brian Sharpe told Eyewitness News he was approached by a man with a gun near Wilson Library early Friday morning.

Sharpe's report to the police prompted a campus-wide e-mail safety alert warning students of an armed gunman who approached the man just weeks after the murder of student body president Eve Carson.

"He just hit me once," Sharpe said. "We were speaking to one another like you and I are now and I directed my attention, cuz I pulled my wallet out to show him I didn't have any cash. I sort of had my attention out and he came with an overhead swing."

Despite a head wound, investigators determined that Sharpe provided false information and no robbery or attempted robbery occurred on campus, according to the press release sent by UNC Police late Friday evening.

It's unclear how Sharpe was injured.

The alleged attack sparked concern on campus. March 5th, Eve Carson was shot to death just a mile off campus. Sharpe even told Eyewitness he mentioned Carson during the alleged attack.

"Well the thing happened with Eve Carson," Sharpe explained. "I brought that to his attention and informed him. You can have these bank cards but obviously there's cameras at ATM's. So you should go on your way. And then at that time he struck me."

UNC Police spokesperson Randy Young says the investigation is still on-going.

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