TV ads used to reach N.C. voters


On /*Triangle*/ televisions, /*Senator Barack Obama*/ tackles tough issues facing North Carolinians.

"It shows Sen. Obama is committed to communication with NC his ideas on how to change the country," N.C. resident Dan Leistikow said.

But Friday /*Senator Hillary Clinton*/'s camp said her /*ads*/ aren't far behind.

"The fact we have presidential visits and campaigns spending money on TV is a sense they believe N.C. is important," N.C. resident Andy Taylor said.

With the /*North Carolina*/ /*primary*/ a little more than a month away and with only one important contest ahead of it, candidates are sharpening their focus on the Tar Heel state.

"We are relevant which is something no one ever thought we would at this stage," resident Anne Kennedy said. It's something she hasn't seen before.

But it's an exciting race she's documenting.

"This is the letter that she said she wanted a president like my father and she thought she found it in Obama so she endorsed him ," Kennedy said while showing off her shrine.

She cuts articles, prints speeches and is making a scrapbook to remember the face-off.

"I hope to be living four years with this one as president, that is my great hope," Kennedy said.

A political science professor told Eyewitness News that while a lot of attention is being paid to North Carolina, he doubts the results of N.C.'s primary will really change the outcome of the November election.

There are 115 /*delegates*/ at stake in the May 6 primary.

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