Flip Video underwater case


It's a palm sized video camera and it was a big hit. So this time we decided to test the underwater case for the /*Flip Video*/.

It claims you can capture those shots underwater without getting your flip video wet, but does it work?

We tested it at the /*Triangle Aquatics*/ in Cary. We swimmers to take part in our underwater test.

First, we put the casing over the Flip Video camera. Swim instructor Matti Svoboda quickly noticed how anxious the pre-schooler's were to stay underwater and pose for the camera.

She says, "I think it's pretty cool. I mean the kids love it, especially the one that are a little more comfortable to swim. To like go back and see themselves underwater, it's a great incentive you know because they just think it's really neat."

The Stikeleather family also enjoyed trying the Flip Video's underwater casing. Ryan Stikeleather says, "You could take video of them underwater and them doing things like flips and like standing on their hands underwater. I think it's actually pretty cool. I've never seen a camera that can do that before."

And their mother, Carolyn, thought of some other uses for an underwater video camera. She adds, "My husband and I went on a cruise a couple of years ago and we had a small waterproof disposable camera, but the quality wasn't very good, it was kind of bulky. But this is really nice. I've never seen an underwater video camera."

The real test, what happens when you open the casing?

We found the Flip Video completely dry. So we give the underwater case for the Flip Video a thumbs up.

The case works great.

You access the buttons from the outside with now problems.

It lists at $49.99 but you might be able to find it on sale online. Also, the case can be used in water as deep as 30 feet.

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