Crews cleanup downtown Fayetteville

Torrential rains forced many creeks and rivers over their bank and into homes and businesses.

Hanna flooded Cross Creek in Fayetteville, making the intersection of Ray Ave. and Mason St. look like lake front property.

Monday morning city crews spent hours cleaning up the mess. Linear Park was hardest hit. The fountain in the center of the park has to be flushed and cleaned.

City worker James Thompson said the fountain has to be filled and then flushed and then filled again so that the lines won't gill up with sand.

Trash was also visible all over park. The storm washed tires, bottles and other debris out of the water and onto the sidewalks. Crews shoveled what seemed to be a ton of sand out of the streets and back into Festival Park.

"I think this is the worst we've had it this year," city worker George Cochran said. "I know our bosses are working on it. I mean, we've got a lot of things to do other than come down here clean this up every time we get a little bit of rain. But we got quite a bit of rain, so it's to be expected."

The area is known to flood. City leaders built the two parks knowing parts of the parks would occasionally be under water during heavy rain.

Eyewitness News is going to check with city leaders and see if any plans are in place to eliminate or ease flooding in the future.

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