Perdue after stimulus money in DC

RALEIGH Stimulus money would help deal with N.C.'s predicted $2 billion shortfall.

Wednesday Perdue will meet with President-elect Obama's transition team. Last month at a governor's conference, she spoke about her plans to help the state's $2 million deficit.

"Let me tell you, as a new governor, I'm not going to argue about what step one and two are, I just want my people to have jobs [and] help with their foreclosures," Perdue said. "I want schools to be built and roads and bridges to be built."

Perdue's office attributes the increased shortfall to declining sales tax collections, a slumping stock market and high unemployment numbers.

So far, U.S. governors have requested at least $40 billion to help fund Medicaid and more than $100 billion to help projects like building roads, bridges and schools.

It's not clear how much aid each state would get, so Perdue hopes her meetings in the nation's capital, along with her new agenda will help get the budget back on track.

Governor Perdue will meet with the North Carolina congressional delegation, Obama's transition team and then sit down with Senators Kay Hagan and Richard Burr.

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