Warning for ATM users

FAYETTEVILLE Fayetteville police say several incidents have taken place within the last week.

They say scammers are placing skimming devices on local ATM's in an attempt to retrieve account information and pin numbers.

Skimming devices can be hard to detect.

The most common device is placed directly on top of a card reader. Police say as the victim conducts their transaction, the scammers sit in a nearby vehicle where information is wirelessly transmitted. Once the victim's information is obtained, money is withdrawn from their account in a manner of minutes.

Authorities are advising citizens to be on the lookout for attachments on ATM's. If the machine looks suspicious, do not use it.

If the machine takes your ATM card and does not return it, call your bank right away to have the card inactivated.

Police say all known scamming cases are currently under investigation.

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