'The black men of this country deserve better': 'Baby Daddy' Father's Day card leads to apologies from Target, American Greetings

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Thursday, June 14, 2018
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''It is never our intention to offend our guests with the merchandise we provide,'' Target tweeted, after a photo of a ''Baby Daddy'' greeting card surfaced on social media.

Target and American Greetings have both issued an apology after shoppers complained about a card being sold for Father's Day.

The card shows a couple embracing behind the words "Baby Daddy."

"You CANNOT be serious Target!" Takeisha Saunders wrote, sharing a photo of the card. "Really!!!?!!!!? This was the only Father's Day card that featured a black couple!"

Saunders was just one of several shoppers who posted photos of the card on social media. Some wrote to Target while others wrote to American Greetings, the company that made the card.

Target replied to one complaint on Twitter to issue an apology.

American Greetings also apologized, writing that they had been notified that the card had been removed from stores.

Some social media users wrote that they had no problem with the card, but others said the card should never have been offered for sale in the first place because it promotes stereotypes.