Renewed hope for homeowners abandoned by builder who walked off job, declared bankruptcy

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Thursday, May 11, 2023
Renewed hope for homeowners abandoned by contractor
"It's a long time coming but we're really excited," Stephanie Hayden said as she walked through her newly constructed home she never thought would become a reality.

SANFORD, N.C. (WTVD) -- Contractors who saw families swindled by a now-bankrupt builder have stepped in to help save the day.

"It's a long time coming but we're really excited," Stephanie Hayden said as she walked through her newly constructed home she never thought would become a reality.

This happened after two years of heartache caused when her builder left her with a shell of a home and thousands of dollars worth of liens on her property.

This is an update to an ABC11 Troubleshooter investigation into a builder, J&R Homes of Sanford who walked off the job and declared bankruptcy which left dozens of homeowners without hope. Hayden was one of those homeowners.

"You're sold something, you're sold this big dream, and then it's just taken away from you," she said.

Besides the contractor leaving her home in the framing process, she also had thousands of dollars of liens on the property for work the subcontractors claim J&R Homes didn't pay them for.

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Our investigation into what happened to Hayden got the attention of another builder, Cameron Adams of GC Adams Construction.

"I just got home one day and it happened to be on in the background and I told my girlfriend to reach out to them and see if we can help," Adams said. That help turned into a lot of work. "When we got here, we had to tear the whole thing down. You know, it had been sitting for a while and the trusses were black and half of them were falling off and all the lumber scattered out was no good. So I was like, you know, let's just do it over, and let's just do it right."

The Haydens couldn't be more thankful for GC Adams Construction.

"Cameron didn't take on something that was easy. He saw a challenge and he stepped up to the plate, which was such a blessing to us because we couldn't have done it without him," Hayden said.

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Even more good news: With the help of Adams, the Haydens were also able to get the liens dismissed. Their new home is more than 75% done with a move-in date set for next month, just in time for the Haydens to welcome their new baby.

"So thankfully, Cameron Adams from GC Adams Construction had found me after your news story, reached out, wanted to help wanted to do anything he could."

As for the builder J&R Homes of Sanford, that case is working its way through bankruptcy court. During one hearing, the builder said all of the money that was paid by homeowners was used for the jobs.

Besides the Haydens, another homeowner, the Honeycutts, were left with an unfinished home after J&R Homes stopped working on it. They were able to finish their home after several contractors stepped in after seeing our investigation, and they said they are so thankful to be in their home after all they have been through.