'It's too hot': Beat the heat in a pool or at the beach, and stay safe

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Sunday, August 20, 2023
Beat the heat in a pool or at the beach, and stay safe
"It's too hot out here,"

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Our brief respite from soaring temperatures started fading before noon Sunday, with the heat behaving like a houseguest who wouldn't leave. The persistence of degrees above 90 boils possible relief options down to just two.

"Well, it's either inside air conditioning or a body of water. That's about all you can do," said Jordan Meaton as he prepared to leave the outdoor pool at Millbrook Exchange Park with his children.

Parents with little kids flocked to the Chavis Park "sprayground' where by midday, those like Jon Sherrick had seen and felt enough.

"It's too hot out here," Sherrick said. "We had our fun in the sun, and then we spent some time in the shade."

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Then he and his child had a good time under the spray.

"Yeah, we did that. We did that when we first got here and then changed her out of her wet clothes and our baby out of her wet clothes. And then spent some time at the park, and then had a snack in the shade. And then we're going to head home before it gets too hot," said Sherrick.

ABC11 meteorologists are predicting some blazing temperatures that call for doing more than just sliding into an inviting pool for a break from the heat.

Also be aware that some pools, lakes, and other bodies of water have no lifeguards on duty. Stay aware of your and your family's limitations in the water, especially for those who never learned how to swim.

Meaton's planning for ways to stay cool through next week if the high temperatures stall above us.

"Well, it'll probably be coming to either a pool like this or a friend's pool or might be going to the beach," he said.

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