Johnston County deputies seek 'blue-light bandit' in silver Dodge after teen's traffic-stop scare

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Monday, September 6, 2021
'Blue-light bandit' sought in Johnston County after traffic-stop scare
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A teen driver was shaken after two men wearing ski masks got out of a silver Dodge Charger with flashing blue lights and approached her car. She managed to drive away unharmed.

FOUR OAKS, N.C. (WTVD) -- A teen driver's scary late-night close call has Johnston County deputies on the lookout for an alleged blue-light bandit. It happened on the last weekend in August, about two miles out of Four Oaks.

That's where, the driver told authorities, she noticed a car following her on Elevation Road. When she turned onto Black Creek Road, the car was still behind her. Then, after driving two more miles and turning onto Packing Plant Road, she saw flashing blue lights in her rear view mirror. Those lights came from the same car that followed her, a silver Dodge Charger.

Then, two men wearing ski masks got out of the Charger and approached her car, but she drove away on the dark rural road, unharmed.

"They've got to find this person, or people," said Ronald Ricard, owner of family businesses near the intersection where the teen first noticed the silver Charger. "Whoever it is. I've got 5,000 watts of various types of lighting. Unfortunately, if she was leaving the area on this particular part of roadway, there's really not anyplace to pull off and it is fairly dark around this area at night."

The teen driver was fortunate, but now, Johnston County sheriff's deputies are looking for that silver Charger, and they want to hear from anyone with information that could lead to an arrest.