How to make easy peel 'hard boiled' eggs in an Instant Pot

I love making eggs. My kids love eating eggs. I recently became the owner of nine chickens, partly so we could get more eggs.

The only glitch in this egg-loving setup is ... peeling hard boiled eggs. I can never, ever get those stubborn eggshells to come off without crumbling and taking half the white with them.

But not anymore.

I finally figured out how to cook hard boiled eggs in an Instant Pot and wow! These eggs peel like a dream.

How to make hard boiled eggs in an Instant Pot
  • Use the steam rack that comes with your Instant Pot, placing it inside*
  • Set up to 12 eggs on the rack and add one cup of water
  • Close the lid, choose "Manual" and set the time to 5 minutes (It'll take about 5 minutes to build up pressure)
  • Allow the eggs to continue cooking for another five minutes then use the Quick Release method to open the top (Release the steam with the vent on top but be careful)
  • Submerge the cooked eggs in ice water

Credit: Instant Pot

*This is the steam rack that came with my instant pot. if you don't have one, click here to find an inexpensive version on Amazon.

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I had the most success peeling right away rather than waiting. All the eggshells came off so easily with this Instant Pot method that I'll never go back to boiling eggs.

Use them on toast, or make our Very Pickle-y Egg Salad for sandwiches that make my four kids cheer!

Or serve your perfectly peeled hard boiled eggs straight up. We've had these adorable egg molds for years but it's so hard to use them when the egg shells don't come off easily. Now we're back in business!

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