City of Raleigh and DOT look for answers after home hit 6 times

Friday, October 28, 2016
City of Raleigh and DOT look for answers after home hit 6 times
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Every crash causes damage.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- At a meeting in Raleigh Thursday evening, city officials, Department of Transportation officials, and residents met to look for solutions after a home has been hit six times by vehicles.

The home sits at the intersection of Fawn Glen Circle and New Hope Road. It's been the victim of speeding and impaired drivers for 10 years.


Homeowner Carlo Bernarte has seen cars land on his property or come right into his living room.

Over the years, the city and the DOT have made minor changes to the dangerous intersection. Signs have been added along with a guardrail, but but nothing has been able to prevent continuous crashes.

Now, officials are proposing to close off Fawn Glen's access to New Hope and extend the existing guardrail.

"We realize that would cause an impact to the people who live there that's why we're having this meeting," explained Jed Niffeneger with the City of Raleigh.

But many residents at the meeting said they don't want to lose access and believe the home should be torn down. That's an option the city and the DOT say is not viable.

But Bernarte says time is not on his side.

"There is still no solid solution yet because my problem is time, because every night there's always a risk," he said.

So the front-running solution is to close off Fawn Glen Road, but there's no timeline. Even if that's approved, it would take months to finish.

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