Meet the animal caretaker working alone at CPS' 'farm school' during the lockdown

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Friday, April 24, 2020
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This man has been the only person at 'farm school' during COVID-19.

CHICAGO -- Shane Blake has been a community member at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences since he started volunteering with animals at age 8.

Now as a staff member - and a 2015 graduate from the school - Blake is the only person on campus keeping the farm running.

"I come here every morning and afternoon," Blake said. "I keep an eye on (the animals)."

From cleaning animal pens and feeding animals to collecting eggs and milking the dairy cow, he takes care of everything on the small farm.

With Illinois schools shut down for the rest of the year, Blake's solo work will likely continue for months.

The school itself is subject to the same restrictions as the rest of CPS schools. Teachers are operating entirely remotely, which creates an extra challenge for a school with an emphasis on hands-on learning.