Chicago chef finds ways to give back despite COVID-19 hit to food industry

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Friday, June 26, 2020
Chicago chef helps feed seniors, frontline workers
This chef and restaurant owner is devoted to giving back.

CHICAGO -- Chicago restaurants may be weathering one of the toughest economic times in modern history but the chef and owner behind Parachute hasn't let the downturn stifle her "giving spirit."

"We've had a big hit in reduction of sales," Beverly Kim said. "We've had to go very lean on employees that we can have here."

So the restaurant decided to switch to offering family-style meals.

"Parachute's food doesn't do well in containers," Kim said. "We decided to flip our menu to a family style meal, something that is affordable and easier to carry out."

Along with keeping up her carry-out business, Kim is regularly donating meals to health care workers on the front lines at nearby Swedish Hospital.

She also packs produce boxes for senior citizens at the Hanul Family Alliance, a nonprofit that serves Korean immigrants in the Chicago area.

Kim, who burst onto Chicago's dining scene 5 years ago, said these regular drop-offs are about showing how "everyone can give in small ways."

"I don't have huge funds. What I could do is these small drop-offs. These little acts of kindness that feel good and give us purpose," she said.