Police chase unusual suspect in Arkansas, a chicken | Video

Jonesboro, Arkansas officer has since earned nickname, 'Rooster'

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Police pursue unusual suspect in Arkansas, a chicken
A Jonesboro, AR police officer chased an unusual suspect recently in Arkansas -- a chicken. The bird eluded capture for nearly 5 minutes.

JONESBORO, Ark. -- A police officer in Arkansas had an unexpected suspect in his first foot chase.

"Last thing I thought I'd be doing is chasing a chicken around," said Officer Nathan Swindle, with the Jonesboro Police Department.

It took the officer nearly five minutes before he appre-hen-ded the chicken, KAIT reported.

It all started Sunday afternoon when Tia Dulaney saw a chicken sitting on her front porch.

"I waited for like five minutes until, you know, to see if it was gonna, you know, leave or whatever, and it never did," Dulaney said.

Dulaney called the police, and Officer Swindle answered the call.

"I was trying to shoo it off a little bit, and it took off, and so I was like, 'Man, I gotta catch it,' and so I immediately started running," Swindle said.

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Officer Swindle chased the chicken around the parking lot for four minutes and 20 seconds.

The chicken eluded the officer and even hid under a car.

The chase brought smiles all around.

"He was having fun than really anything," Dulaney said.

"I think she just thought I was going to shoo it off and call it good, but she sure got a kick out of it," Swindle said.

The officer took the chicken back to where it belonged, and his actions earned him a new nickname.

"My nickname has been 'rooster' since Sunday," Swindle said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the chicken crossed the street, and came back to the apartments, but declined to comment on the incident.

Jonesboro residents now know who to call when there's fowl play on their porch.