Cruising the classics

ByBob Slovak Localish logo
Monday, September 26, 2022
Cruising the classics
Bringing classic cars to life, like his own '57 Chevy is Hago Chuchian's love and passion.

RICHMOND, Texas -- Bringing classic cars to life is Hago Chuchian's love. As a 17-year-old in St Louis, cruising in his '57 Chevy made Hago one of the coolest dudes on Route 66. 45 years later working in his classic car shop in Richmond, Texas, Hago is still one cool cat.

As a youngster, Hago would ride his bike to classic car shops to check out the latest work. He fell in love with the classics and knew what his life's passion would be. 50 years later, Hago's emotion beams from every classic car he retools and restores. Seeing the joy in his clients faces when they first see his work is a source of pride. The favorite cars in his shop at the moment, a '37 Ford Coupe, like the one from American Graffiti and a '67 Corvette. The Corvette expected to go for more than $500,000 at auction.

Hago's is a one man shop, he does all of the work himself. He's always on the lookout though for someone young with his same classic car passion that he can pass on his knowledge and know how.

Hago still drives a '57 Chevy, the big smile on his face when he's behind the wheel says it all.