Jax & 7th: the community on the corner

ByBob Slovak Localish logo
Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Jax & 7th: the community on the corner
From a coffeehouse to a kombucha tea shop, a vintage clothing store and a home goods store, Jax & 7th is four businesses in one!

RICHMOND, Texas -- At Jax and 7th in downtown Richmond, Texas, it's all about community and it's all about family.

Aimee and Cody Frederick are young parents with a dream of bringing their community closer together through family. They invested in a four-shop building at the corner of Jackson and 7th. Their cheat sheet to meeting people was to open their own coffee shop. Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen opened the door to meeting new friends and building a business centered on family and community.

Joining Blockhouse at Jax and 7th are Kombucha, Vintage Hope Boutique and Family Style Design - an exciting combination of coffee, health, fashion and design.

Bringing the Richmond neighborhood even closer, Jax and 7th's Farmstand and Market is open every other Sunday, bringing in local vendors who sell their goods in the Blockhouse backyard.

Jax and 7th, the community on the corner, is truly a gathering place for family, friends and friends-to-be.